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Our Services:
Delight Chocolates Factory LLC takes pride in its commitment to excellence, beginning with the sourcing of its ingredients, production and quality control to the final packaging and presentation elegance. Catering to the most discerning client's tastes throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Not only do we have a long list of our popular products, we also make customised chocolates for Royalties and high end individuals. In fact catering to theme parties, weddings, events has become synonymous with our service and brand name.
Our Products:
Rich, Creamy, Nutty, Fruity, Crunchy Fine Chocolates. Noire-Dark Gourmet Chocolates, Classic Creamy Milk Chocolates, Pure Ivory White Chocolates, Ganaches, Truffles, Butter Creams, Caramels, Toffee, Turtles, Sponge Candy, Nut Clusters, Nut Bark, Fudge, Meltaways, Cordials, Marshmallows, Nougat, Marzipan and more..

Delight Chocolates Range

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Delight Chocolates Factory L.L.C
Our Services-Delight Chocolates Factory LLC
takes pride in its commitment to excellence.
In Quality, Presentation and Packaging.
***** Producing Fine Chocolate Is Our Passion:
We love what we do, our mission is to deliver premium quality and exceptional value.With unprecedented & profound understanding of chocolates and backed by the culinary expertise of our chefs, technical staff, we deliver nothing short of masterpieces - both Chocolates & Sweets.
***** We have a sweet little chocolaty vision:
of achieving perfection and in our endevour to do so we have achieved excellence. Though we are still perfecting the traditional art of sweet making in our own little way, we have made the mark and carved out a niche for ourselves.
***** We are always curious and eager to learn, discover new techniques, experiment with non- traditional ingredients, all in all to bring to our esteemed clients something, unique, unusual, exhilarating, exquisite and a sensual experience, we think they all deserve to what they have come to expect from us.

Just Spoil Yourself.  Indulge in the Sinful Audacious Adventures of Your
Dream Chocolates.

Our Exclusive Collections of Chocolates -
Luxury Redefined, Ultimate Seduction,
Taste Addiction....only for YOU.

Delight Chocolates Range
Gift Boxes - that Live in Memories
Driven by Passion - Chocolate Gifts
Elegant Exquisite Chocolate Gift Bouquets
Unique Corporate Designs, Personalization,
Picture Transfers, Logos and more...done in-house.
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